Full Spectrum Environmental provides various environmental-related services to residential, commercial and professional clients in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Mold testing helps identify mold issues in residential and commercial buildings. Often, mold grows undiscovered, which leads to structural damage, contaminated air quality and health risks.

Full Spectrum Environmental mold experts conduct an inspection to locate the source of musty odors or visible mold growth. We collect air and surface samples for analysis. We employ infrared imaging and Thermo hygrometers (humidity meters) to determine the source of moisture.

Our mold assessment services confirm the presence of mold and identify the type and extent of growth and how to get rid of it. We compile all pictures, equipment readings, lab results and a plan of action into a report delivered in a timely manner. 


A water damage inspection of your home or business is critical before beginning remediation and restoration. Our company will thoroughly inspect your building to help identify areas of concern, prevent future water damage issues and evaluate the extent of the damage.

It is crucial to quickly locate the source because water damage can lead to costly repairs. Our water damage inspector looks for stains, discoloration, cracks, moisture, condensation, mold growth and leaks to find out what is causing the issue.


Water testing ensures safe and healthy drinking water at your home or business. Various factors, including contamination, chemicals, and minerals, can affect water quality.

Testing your tap or well water helps identify contaminants such as pesticides, bacteria and heavy metals. Water testing also identifies high levels of minerals which can cause plumbing issues and negatively impact the taste of drinking water.

Experts at Full Spectrum Environmental identify potential issues and provide recommendations for water treatment solutions.


An indoor air quality test identifies potential airborne health risks in homes and businesses. Evaluating air quality detects the presence of indoor air pollutants, such as mold, pollen, dust and fiberglass.

Our experts collect air samples from different areas of your residential or commercial building to analyze them for potential contaminants. We conduct thorough inspections to find the likely source of air pollution, which can be caused by mold growth and numerous other factors.

Once our team of professionals collects information and air samples in the field, a third-party lab analyzes the samples and a report is built outlining suggestions so that the air quality in your home or business can be conducive to a healthy living environment.


We specialize in ensuring the proper functioning and performance of HVAC systems in buildings by providing professional testing, adjusting and balancing services. 

Our TAB services include airflow measurement, system diagnostics, temperature verification, and equipment balancing. With our expert approach to testing and balancing, we help optimize energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality in South Florida homes and businesses. 

By utilizing advanced technology and industry standards, Full Spectrum Environmental delivers reliable TAB services to enhance residential and commercial air conditioning systems’ overall performance and efficiency.


Comprehensive mold and air testing services specifically tailored for cannabis facilities and businesses. With our expertise in this specialized field, we ensure the safety and quality of medical cannabis products by addressing the risks associated with mold contamination.

Our mold and air testing services, cannabis facilities and businesses can ensure compliance with regulatory standards and maintain a safe environment for both employees and consumers. 

This comprehensive testing service provides peace of mind, enabling cultivators to confidently provide high-quality and uncontaminated medical cannabis products to their patients.