Full Spectrum Environmental LLC is a local environmental testing and inspection company providing professional mold, air and water assessments in Delray Beach, FL. We help local homeowners, business owners, and contractors identify possible environmental contaminants to mitigate adverse effects quickly.

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Full Spectrum Environmental, LLC

Environmental testing and inspection services include analyzing and accessing various ecological parameters to determine compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. The data we collect from environmental samples testing and inspections help identify potential risks to protect human health and the environment. Our inspection reports are commonly used in manufacturing, construction, and energy production and for public health and safety to document mold, air and water issues.

Mold Assessment Inspection

Delray Beach Mold Testing & Sampling

Professional mold assessment and inspection services will help determine if your residential home or commercial building in Delray Beach has mold growth present. We use various detection methods, including visual examination, moisture meters, and thermal imaging.

The mold expert will also collect samples for analysis to determine the type and extent of mold growth. We’ll also help locate the source that is causing the mold issue. Our company’s main objective is to identify and assess any potential mold hazards and provide recommendations for remediation to eliminate health risks from mold exposure.

Delray Beach Mold Testing Assessments

Water Damage Inspection

Delray Beach Water Leakage & Flood Evaluation

Water damage can cause significant destruction to your residential or commercial property in Delray Beach. Water from leaks or natural disasters can silently destroy walls and structures as moisture spreads and lingers. If left untreated, water damage will cause mold growth which can quickly cause devastating results to your health and property.

If you suspect water-related issues, you will need a comprehensive water damage inspection before restoration work and repairs can begin. Our assessment services will quickly outline what caused the water damage to your home, office, or building. We’ll inspect, test and provide a report about the water damage to your property detailing all the vital information you need to provide your insurance agency and restoration company.

Delray Beach Water Damage Inspections

Water Quality Testing

Delray Beach Tap Water & Well Water Sampling

Worried about the safety of your water? Full Spectrum Environmental, LLC will visit your home or office in Delray Beach to obtain a water sample. We’ll thoroughly test your municipal or private well water for harmful pollutants. We will check the water for toxins and contaminants such as lead, chlorine, chloramines, mercury and pesticides.

Our water quality testing services ensure your water is safe for drinking and bathing. Our experts will test your water, report our findings and create a solution to improve water quality in your home or business. We can also recommend and oversee installing a proper water filtration system.

Delray Beach Water Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Delray Beach Home & Business Air Assessment

Poor indoor air quality in your Delray Beach home or business can lead to health problems for your family or employees. Our professional air quality testing services can check for particulate matter and measure the possible pollutants in your air, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, mold, dust and pollen.

Our certified air specialists will test the health of indoor air to confirm or refute the presence of a specific source of contamination in your residential, commercial or industrial property. We’ll then design a plan to help improve and maintain healthy indoor air in your living space or work environment.

Delray Beach Air Quality Testing

We Inspect Residential & Commercial Buildings

If you have environmental contaminant or pollutant concerns at your home or business in Delray Beach, contact us to schedule an immediate inspection of your property. Full Spectrum Environmental, LLC provides top-quality ecological inspection services for clients in South Florida. Our experienced consultants and inspectors strive to provide the most comprehensive air, mold and water analysis. Our staff cares about the safety and health of your indoor environment as much as you do. You’ll want to work with the best company in Palm Beach County to inspect and assess your property. We proudly serve residential, industrial and commercial clients in South Florida. We are the indoor environmental professionals to call for mold inspection, air quality testing and water quality assessment.

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