Full Spectrum Environmental offers mold growth and air quality testing services for legal medical cannabis manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Our experts can identify potential issues and recommend mold remediation and air quality improvement solutions.

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Florida Medical Marijuana Mold and Air Quality Testing


At Full Spectrum Environmental LLC, we specialize in providing comprehensive mold prevention and indoor air quality solutions specifically for licensed medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs), including greenhouse grow operations, processing facilities and laboratories in Florida. 

We understand the unique challenges and requirements of cultivating cannabis in controlled environments and the reason why we offer a range of services to ensure a healthy and productive operation.


We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment to produce medical-grade cannabis products. Our team of experts combines thorough inspections with advanced mold testing and air quality monitoring to ensure that your lab meets the highest quality and safety standards. Our Medical Marijuana Inspection Packages provide a comprehensive assessment of mold prevention measures and air quality.

Ensure compliance, protect your investments, and uphold the quality and safety of your medical marijuana products with our Medical Marijuana Mold and Air Inspection Package. Upon inspection completion, you will receive a detailed report outlining findings, recommendations, and a prioritized action plan. Our experts are also available for follow-up consultations.


Our experienced team of environmental experts will thoroughly assess your marijuana lab, cultivation facility or dispensary to identify potential mold risks and air quality issues. We utilize advanced testing methods and equipment to measure humidity levels, air circulation, and other crucial parameters that can contribute to mold growth.

Based on our findings, we develop customized strategies and recommendations to prevent mold growth and optimize indoor air quality. Mold testing and air quality assessment services may include implementing proper ventilation systems, humidity control measures, and regular monitoring to maintain ideal cannabis growing conditions while minimizing the risk of mold contamination.

Florida MMTC Mold and Air Quality Testing Service


We provide comprehensive air quality testing services at legal marijuana facilities as an integral part of our offerings. Our team will assess the spore count, hyphae growth, and other air quality contaminants to ensure a clean and healthy environment for your licensed medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs), cannabis grow operations and processing facilities, laboratories and dispensaries. By measuring these factors, we can identify potential sources of contamination and take proactive measures to mitigate them.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of compliance and regulatory standards in the cannabis industry. Our services align with industry guidelines and best practices to ensure that your licensed marijuana business meets the requirements for mold prevention and indoor air quality management.

It’s important to note that while we specialize in mold prevention and indoor air quality, we work closely with a network of trusted partners and professionals who specialize in other areas, such as equipment installation, cultivation techniques, and security systems. This collaborative approach allows us to provide comprehensive solutions and address all aspects of your marijuana lab or grow operation.

We safeguard your marijuana lab or grow facility from mold issues and optimize indoor air quality. Our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence ensure you can cultivate high-quality cannabis in a safe and healthy environment.

Partnering with Full Spectrum Environmental provides your team access to our network environmental services network includes elite consultants and professionals in Florida consisting of cannabis consultants, HVAC contractors, general contractors, engineers, industrial hygienists and test and balance consultants.


Our Medical Marijuana Grow Facility Inspection Package focuses on mold prevention and maintaining optimal air quality throughout the cultivation process. Our experienced team combines meticulous inspections with advanced mold testing and air quality monitoring to identify potential risks and ensure a healthy growing environment for your crops.

1. Mold Growth Assessment:

  • Visual inspection of surfaces, equipment, and potential moisture sources.
  • Air and surface sampling to test for mold spores, assessing spore count and hyphal growth

2. Ventilation System Evaluation:

  • Assessment of HVAC units, air exchange systems, and filters
  • Evaluation of air circulation, indoor-outdoor air exchange, and filtration of airborne contaminants

3. Humidity Control Analysis:

  • Measurement and monitoring of humidity levels.
  • Identification of areas requiring adjustments or enhancements to prevent excessive moisture.

4. Positive Air Pressure Assessment:

  • Evaluation of airlocks, HEPA filters, and systems to maintain positive air pressure.

5. Mold-Resistant Material Inspection:

  • Inspection of mold-resistant materials used in the lab.
  • Guidance on selecting appropriate mold-resistant materials.

6. Cleaning and Disinfection Analysis:

  • Review of cleaning and disinfection protocols.
  • Recommendations for improving cleaning procedures to minimize mold growth.

7. Product Mold Testing:

  • Collection of material samples for laboratory analysis.
  • Determination of mold spore & hyphae presence, concentration and environmental source.
Florida MMTC Mold and Air Inspection Services

Comprehensive Reporting and Recommendations:

Upon inspection completion, you will receive a detailed report outlining mold and indoor air quality findings, recommendations, and a prioritized action plan. Our experts provide marijuana facilities guidance on implementing effective mold prevention strategies, improving air quality, and optimizing cultivation practices.

Count on Full Spectrum Environmental LLC to maintain compliance, safeguard your investment, and produce high-quality cannabis products.

Medical Cannabis Business Air Quality Monitoring

Ongoing Air Quality Monitoring Service

Our experienced team will thoroughly assess the air quality in your licensed medical marijuana facility, lab or storefront every 30 – 120 days.

We utilize advanced testing methods and state-of-the-art equipment to measure key air quality parameters such as particulate matter, VOCs, humidity levels, and temperature. This comprehensive assessment provides a detailed snapshot of the air quality conditions within your cannabis facility, allowing you to identify any potential issues and take proactive measures to maintain a healthy and optimal environment.

Following each air quality monitoring session, you will receive a detailed report outlining the assessment findings. The report will comprehensively analyze the air quality parameters measured, including any deviations from recommended levels or industry standards. Our experts will offer valuable insights and recommendations to address any identified issues and improve the air quality in your facility, ensuring a safe and conducive environment for your operations.

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