Empowering Solventless Extraction: A Guide to Using ‘CoolBot’

COOLBOT solventless hash extraction.



As the cannabis industry flourishes, small-scale growers are looking for cost-effective ways to improve their harvest and extracts. CoolBot, a technology that manipulates standard air conditioning units to reach colder temperatures, is gaining popularity in Solventless Hash Oil (SHO) labs. This guide will demystify the use, installation, and maintenance of CoolBot for home growers.


CoolBot: An Affordable Temperature Control Solution for SHO Labs


In the realm of homegrown cannabis, CoolBot is making its mark as an effective and affordable temperature management tool. The device tricks the thermostat of an AC unit to think it’s warmer than it actually is, enabling the unit to cool beyond its standard limits.

For those venturing into solventless hash oil production, CoolBot is invaluable. It helps maintain the specific temperature range needed for the ice water extraction method, ensuring the quality of the extracted hash oil is of the highest standard.

Elevating the Quality of SHO with CoolBot


When producing solventless hash oil, temperature control is pivotal. The ice water extraction process, used to isolate the cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes from the cannabis plant, requires a particular low-temperature range.

Maintaining this cold environment with a CoolBot significantly enhances the quality of hash oil. With consistent temperature management, you can expect a more uniform extraction process, ensuring your end product is of consistently high quality across different batches.


The Importance of Correct CoolBot Installation and Maintenance in a Home Setting


While CoolBot is easy to use, its optimal operation hinges on correct installation and maintenance. One vital aspect is tilting the AC unit slightly towards the outside during installation. This ensures that the increased moisture pulled from the air by the CoolBot-enabled AC unit doesn’t accumulate and freeze on the evaporator coils.

The tilt helps facilitate water runoff, mitigating the risk of freezing and subsequent water damage. For additional protection, consider drilling extra holes in the AC unit’s drain pan. This expedited water exit prevents excess moisture buildup, further protecting your unit from damage.


The Role of CoolBot in Creating an optimized SHO Lab


Using CoolBot for home cannabis cultivation has several advantages, from precision temperature control to mitigating risks such as coil freezing. However, remember that CoolBot is one part of a broader cultivation toolkit. Effective cultivation also includes maintaining cleanliness, ensuring regular maintenance, and understanding the nuances of your growing environment.

Utilizing CoolBot and an educated approach to installation and maintenance, you can take their operation to the next level, producing high-quality SHO.

You can find a youtube video here detailing the use of a COOLBOT.